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  • 137 Old Ring Road,Uyo,Akwa Ibom


We welcome you to Helnoe Suites. We are located at 137 Old Ring Road in Uyo,Akwa Ibom. We are very confident you will have a memorable stay in our hotel, and enjoy some of our great indoor and outdoor facilities .

About Helnoe Suites

Welcome to HELNOE SUITES, strategically located at 137, Old Ring Road, Off Atiku Abubakar Avenue, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.Here, our core mission, it is anchored on excellent service delivery.HELNOE SUITES, one stop name in the Hospitality and Entertainment industry, has tastefully and comfortable accommodation, high speed Internet Service, Traditionally built-Multi-Purpose Village Hall, delicious National/ Continental Cuisines, Standard Dance/karaoke Bar, Jazz Fans club, Commercial Ice Blocks, effective Outdoor Catering Service, functional Laundry, Steady Water and Power Supply. Certainly, your stay at HELNOE SUITES is guaranteed in terms of effective and efficient service delivery, adequate security operations manned by professionals with workable devices in a conducive environment coupled with committed team at hand to attend to your needs promptly. We look forward to hosting you today.Management.OUR SERVICES/FACILITIES(1) ACCOMODATION – It is A-10 Room functional Hotel with classic facilities, affordable rates and excellent customer relation which is tailored to respect individuality. It is home away from home.(2) THE VILLAGE HALL – This is a traditionally built arena that depicts African setting with Multi-Purpose facilities to meet our esteemed clientele demand like reception, Conference, Seminar, Party, Club etc at competitive rate.(3) JAZZ/KARAOKE FANS CLUB – The village Hall is equipped with Jazz/Karaoke facilities for the entertainment of mature minds with avalanche of networking opportunities.(4) RESTAURANT – This represents a culture of rich traditional, national and continental cuisines with desert of breath taking at qualitative and affordable cost with speedy delivery(5) BAR – Our VIP and Mini bar are well stocked with assorted drinks to meet your unique demands. It affords the opportunity to dance in order to achieve maximum soul satisfaction.(6) LAUNDRY SERVICE – It is a state of the art where cloths come out crisp and clean(7) COMMERCIAL ICE BLOCK – We have steady ice block production that meets the daily demand because of the constant power supply.(8) POWER SUPPLY – It is not an arguable fact that power supply is the soul of any viable business. This propels HELNOE SUITES to ensure power supply remains at 24hrs basis with efficient operational 250KVA generator augmented with 75KVA respectively.(9) SECURITY – We have well-trained security personnel armed with competent modern devices for proper 24hrs surveillance operations. It is imperative to state that HELNOE SUITES maintains good symbiotic relationship with diverse security consciousness.(10) INTERNET SERVICE – HELNOE SUITES provides high speed internet service for our Guest at affordable rates.(11) SPACIOUS CAR PARK – Our Car Park is spacious enough to accommodation more than sixty cars in case of any function.(12) MAN POWER – HELNOE SUITES has well trained and committed team players who are knowledgeable in the hospitality industry and ensure guest satisfaction remains paramount.

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